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The Everybody Bike - Folding 20" bike 

The Volto Everybody Bike is a fun and easy way to get around town. This truly is the bike for everyone. It is lightweight and collapsable yet durable and stable. The built-in 200w electric motor means there's no need to strain yourself and the bike handles hills and wind with the greatest of ease. This zippy little bike is a great alternative to a car or motorbike, and much kinder to the environment,not to mention your wallet.


The Mountain Bike - 26" non folding bike

The Volto electric mountain bike is rugged and versatile enough to handle a daily commute and back up as your weekend fun machine.  Its aluminium alloy frame, great suspension and 250w motor with pedalec control mean that you can have fun and exercise with the added bonus of an easy ride home if conditions get nasty or you tire.


The Classy Lady - 26" non folding bike

This beautiful classic retro bike is perfect for fun, exercise, or travelling to work or the shops, and is sure to turn heads. It is so easy to ride with its 250w electric motor with pedalec control and is available in lilac, blue or beige.


      No lycra, no petrol, no licence, no sweat, no worries!.