Volto on Discover Down Under


"Tim's discovered a quick way to get around with this electric powered bicycle!"


Volto on Go See Australia

"There was plenty of innovation at the Expo. Lewis Young of Volto told GoSee about the bike for everybody. It is light, stable and the built-in electric motor handles hill and headwinds. It folds down to a compact lift of 23kg and is easy on the wallet. Top speed is 25kmh which means rego and a license are not required to ride it, Lewis Young said. Any standard household powerpoint will recharge the Volto's battery."

Volto is truly the bike for everybody. Don't let life pass you by - get on board the Volto ride today.

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Elizabeth      Maryborough, Feb 2018

"I bought a yellow one just over six months ago from Lyal Eales in Maryborough Victoria and I absolutely love it....definitely worth getting.."

Karen       Albion Park, Oct 2017

"My bike arrived Thursday, went for ride Friday it was amazing"


Leonie     Kanahooka, Sept 2015

"I love my bike and always tell people how good it is"


Mary        Picton, Sept 2015

"Love the bike and really looking forward to the warmer weather"