Frequently Asked Questions
Volto Bikes are a fun and easy way to get around. They truly are the bikes for everyone whether you're looking for an easy folding bike to store in your RV or car, or a full size stressless ride, our bikes are durable and stable. The built-in electric motor means that there is no need to exert yourself and the bikes handles hills and wind with ease. These bikes are a great alternative to a car or motorbike, and much kinder to the environment, not to mention your wallet.


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Q   How fast will it go and how far?


The top speed without pedalling is around 25 kph; however the range depends on factors such as weight of the rider and the terrain.  You could travel approximately 35 to 40 kilometres (around 1 ½ - 2 hours riding time) without pedalling. If you want to pedal, then the battery won’t be used as much and the bike will go further.


Q   Do you need a licence or registration?


Volto Bikes do not need registration and riders do not need a licence- that means reduced costs. They are also ideal for people who may not be able to hold a driver's licence.


Q   How do you recharge the battery?


Volto Bikes come with a 240v battery charger which is plugged into the battery at one end and connected to a standard household power plug. The seats on our bikes flip up for easy battery removal. You can charge your battery up at work, at home, or anywhere you choose.


Q   How heavy is it? 


The Volto Everybody folding bike weighs 23kgs including the battery, although the battery can be removed to lighten the load for lifting.  The Mountain bike weighs 28kg and the Classic Lady 24kg.


Q   What about servicing? 


You can maintain the Volto bike yourself or any bike shop can service the mechanical components of the bike for you.


Q   When should I recharge the battery?


The battery should be regularly recharged. Tests show that the batteries have a longer life span if they are charged more frequently than less frequently, so charging after each ride is fine. A lithium ion battery which is taken good care of should last around 4-5 years. 


Q   Can I get parts? 


Yes. All of the regular bike parts are standard components stocked by most bike shops. The electric bike components are carried in stock by us and can be fitted by someone at a specialised bike store. We offer a 1 year warranty our bikes. 


Q   Is there a manual online? 


Yes. Here's it is.


Q   Who is your photographer? 


Our official Volto photographer is Marina Lamari. You can find more of her work at